mHmm.. I’m still thinking about what I should write about.. As apparently any good content won’t be rewarded since the penalty continues and continues and may last for the next half year, if at worst state. But anyways, let me bring out some good content for today. Seems like recently we’ve just played around and haven’t released any lesson or so. But now, let’s grasp something from the emo side.What shall I Do My Lord?

I believe all of us, you and I and everyone out there has encountered at least a single problem in life. At times, it can be a difficult one, sometimes a little bump you need to move over. And sometimes it also happens, that the problems that you encounter are quite bigger ones that need more of your attention, time and everything. For most christians or Roman Catholics, this is the time when we look back and remember again the master above us, our creator; God. How awful it may sound, we come to forget him often in times we don’t need him.

Yet, anyway, rest assure that he’s still there for all of us, he’s around us and will guide us through all the odds. (just don’t do the too obvious and too abusive way of asking for his guidance and enlightenment). So, what would be the next thing that you’d gonna do after closing to God? You would come to ask him, What Will I Do My Lord? Am I correct? For this issue, I’ve a special song attached which you can download and read the lyrics of below.

The song talks about you and the Lord God, it talks about a man, who is asking for the enlightenment of God, for his guidance, for his questions to be answered. For him to be told, what he should do and how to follow God’s very plan for him. The song is performed by the Prince Of Pop Erik Santos, although it’s quite old already, I still use to play this song in times when I am sad and when I feel bad; and have no one else to turn to, even my best friend.

To start a little discussion, may I ask all of you; besides asking God for guidance, what else do you do in times of frustration and defeat, else, if you also would come to ask God for something, what would that be? If you mind to share your thoughts or ideas, the comment box is open for all of you, just add a reply below and you’re on your way.

What Will I Do My Lord?

Let me know, oh my God
What I am supposed to do
I hope you don’t mind
My asking you
I beg you to heal me
My body and my soul
You are my hope
My everything my all

What will I do my Lord
Help me to see
What heart to thee
Let me fallow the plan
Your divine plan for me
What will I do my lord
Help me to see

Let me know, oh my God
What am I supposed to do
Just show me the way
I’ll follow you
I now I ask you to help me
Take away all my fears
Come to my heart
Please take away my tears

Of course, you may also download the song now.
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