Some might consider it awkward, I call it sportsmanship while being proud and supportive to my fellow Blogger from the Mindanao Island.

I’ve known Nanardx for a while now, but we’ve never really get together and talked until now, until both of our blogs got nominated in the Philippine Blog Awards.

Even though I haven’t talked to him all that often for all the years that we already know each other… I’ve always had a look at his posts on South Cotabato dot Org in my Feed Reader.

It’s good to know that along with Pinoy Teens, there’s another Mindanao based blog that has got on the list… well, not just got on the list, but actually deserves recognition as well.

You don’t see it too often that someone is able to create an active community around ones blog with a solid readership base. He’s done an outstanding job in doing so and gathering people from all over South Cotabato to take part in his community.

We decided to vote for each other in the Philippine Blog Awards not because we agreed exchanging votes, but because we believe that either of us have equal right and are equally deserving to the Bloggers’ Choice Award.

Without further ado, I’d like to express my vote as, Kevin Paquet from Pinoy Teens.. for as the Bloggers’ Choice in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011!

Good luck to all other Mindanao based Nominees in their respective categories like Orman’s and Mark’s!