This is a warning to all the girls.

Given Grace Cebanico – a third year college student of University of the Philippines in Los Banos was found dead and raped in a secluded place of the campus early this week, a police official said.

Novicio, interviewed by phone, said the victim was bound with tape, had a piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth, and a single gunshot in the back, possibly from a.38 caliber handgun.

“May indikasyon na may nangyaring panggahasa (There were signs she was raped),” Novicio said, noting her underwear was missing and her thighs were bruised.

Her laptop and mobile phone were among personal items that were missing.

Novicio said Cebanico was walking back to the 5th of September dormitory just outside the campus around 2 a.m. when she was forced into a waiting tricycle by a still unidentified man and taken inside the campus to the place where she was found dead.

She was walking along to her dormitory when a man armed with a handgun approached her. She was dragged inside a tricycle, whose driver was an accomplice, and taken inside the campus.

The police are still looking for the suspects.