The United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), is an international development agency that strives to ensure that every person, no matter the age, status or gender, has equal opportunity and access to health security. Population data is used to develop programs which aim to ameliorate economic distress, eliminate HIV/AIDS , educate about safe motherhood, ensure woman’s rights, and sustain that every pregnancy is safe and wanted. UNFPA’s focus is the Fifth Millenium Developmental Goal which seeks to reduce the maternal morality ratio by three quarters between 1990 and 2015 to ensure universal access to reproductive health. In the Philippines, UNFPA hopes to make a collaborative effort with the government and NGO groups to make local and national positive impact. Examples of UNFPA’s work include campaigns for Ondoy Relief and giving support to reduce poverty.  Fairly recently, UNPFA installed a Youth Advocacy Panel (YAP) which first met in October 2007. Together, youth discuss and address important facets of global health and gender equality and can also contribute articles for the UNPFA website.

If you are interested in learning more about UNPFA Philippines or becoming a supporter or contributor of their work follow their link at http://philippines.unfpa.org/read_more.php?id=11