The De La Salle University drew the shorter stick once again, and that for the fourth time in a row. It was pretty embarrassing already on the end of the Green Archers head-coach to open the season with a 5-year-low output in terms of points, even more of a blow was the two game loosing streak that they have entered this years season. The Champions of 2007 eventually fought back with a 4-0 win/loss ratio in their third to sixth outing. Only to fall prey to arch nemesis Ateneo de Manila in the first round closing match at the big dome in a very tense game.

The misery of the Green Archers didn’t end with a single loss to their arch nemesis but was followed by the beating of the Adamson University on the following match day. But eventually completing the first ever 3-game-loosing journey of the Green Archers under the rule of their 11th year head coach Franz Pumaren was executed by their rivals Ateneo last week Sunday -which was arguably Ateneo’s best output this year-, the game wasn’t even close, unlike the first outing these two have met and brought each other to the limit in a overtime match up where Ateneo had the upper hand.

While Ateneo has struggled against the fighting Maroons in the first round, it was time for De La Salle to have a taste to be upset by the University of the Philippines. The Fighting Maroons spearheaded by a career game of Mikee Reyes have let La Salle take some of their own medicine -full court press- to depart from the Archers in the early goings by a 8-2 run. The La Salle 5 held on tight to the game and clinched the lead somewhere in the second half but the execution was just not good enough to help them hold on to the quick advantage that they have had. It was mostly UP who led the match, from start until the finish.

Though, UP was lucky at times at the unreasonable and careless turn-overs that La Salle has committed but nevertheless, the University of Philippines Fighting Maroons deserved this victory and so did the best player of the game Mikee Reyes deserved his piece of honor.

It doesn’t only mark a simple upset loss for the Green Archers, but also a 4-game-loosing streak with a potential fifth coming up in their next assignment against the University of the East Red Warriors this August 29 in San Juan.