The Philippines seems to never get enough of these natural calamities, another 64,000 Filipinos from the Luzon region got hit by the typhoon Emong which is internationally known under the name Chan Hom. Central Luzon was affected the most by this typhoon, leaving thousands of families homeless and causing millions of pesos in damage. Pangasinan has announced a state of calamity.

From Typhoon to Tropical Depression

The typhoon emong which has caused this much trouble to our brothers and sisters in the heart of Luzon will continue experience its presence for the next few days, but in a less aggressive feel, it’s predicted that the Typhoon will fade into a tropical depression and is said to remain in the Philippines until this coming Tuesday. Though it might get even better and just dissipate into a low-pressure area by then if predictions are correct.

No electricity for majority of Pangasinan

Pangasinan, who host most of the 64,000 displaced Filipinos remains with no access to electricity and this should be resored within the next couple of weeks. Aside from being left with no electricity, it’s said that nearly 3,000 houses have been totally wracked and that 4,700 houses have been slightly damaged by the typhoon that stormed the central luzon area, accumulating a total of 13,500 families or the given sum of 64,000 Filipinos displaced and homeless as of this moment.