This is my first time to vote for the Influential Blogs for this year. Hope my bet/s will win. 🙂

Here’s the list for 2011:

1. Eat’s Terrific! by Orman Manansala. Written by the same witty blogger behind, this blog is about gustatory treats and delicious finds. Can’t decide on what to eat or where to go for your next meal? Orman has the answer.

2. Kikay Much! by Donna Mae Congson. I may not know anything about fashion and beauty but I’m quite sure a blog inundated with comments and reader traffic is the definition of influential.

3. Mother Instincts by Sheila Marie Dumalay. If it’s parenting advise you need, look no further. This blog is a treasure trove of practical parenting tips. From kids safety to keeping your children organized, this blog has got you covered.

4. I Am Ariel Lalisan by Ariel Lalisan. Filled with journals about life, food, and travel, this blog stands out because with every entry you read, you learn a thing or two. It’s not surprising because the writer is an educator by profession.

5. Jinky’s Kitchen World by Jinky Olaer-Borela. Moms are the best cooks in the world, yes? This blog is brimming with family recipes and stories about home-cooked meals that you’ll feel right at home reading it.

6. by Mark Cabrera. Authored by Davao’s up and coming blogger, blog posts are well-written, easy and fun to read, and stands out from the crowd because of the creative and innovative use of comics and illustrations. Mark is skill and talent personified.

7. Pinay Travelogue by Lynette Gallinero. This is one of the better blogs to have come out of South Central Mindanao with the blog author’s keen eye for detail on her sojourns whether in or out of the island. What make it a good read are the exquisite photographs she includes on her posts, taken by her husband, ace photographer Omar Gallinero.

8. General Joana by Joana Grace Banting-Lapore. She is a teacher by profession who dabbles in speech writing and hosting on the side. You can see her being a wordsmith in her posts which tackles everything about the life of a young happily-wedded Christian woman. Her happy soul shines through with every single sentence she writes. A good read.

9. SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers – Chronicle of the activities of the funnest bloggers group in South Central Mindanao.

10. The Bloggers Journal – This site is very helpful to a newbie blogger like me. 🙂

If you want to make your own nominations, here’s how:

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