I feel very happy that there are a few people who are frequently commenting on articles of all kind that I’m posting, useful, nonsense, important or unsignificant ones. These are some of the people who keep me hanging on this website to continue blogging, in spite the fact that I’ve personally lost the will to blog. Not that I hate it, but I’m just really confused with all the many domain names that I possess.

I would love to blog about a lot of things, but time won’t allow me to. Like a post like this, I was ever so longing to thank my commentors here, by sending comments back, which I wasn’t capable of for weeks. Even the traffic went down.

That’s why, instead of sending comments back. I’ll send something via Paypal. So, the both of you.

Aika and Kikamz. Send me an instant message on my Yahoo! Messenger.

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