Comments of appreciation are always the main reasons why I’m keeping this blog alive. There are people returning here, leaving comments. There are people just visiting, but visiting regularly for all the new content. There’s no sense denying, I haven’t blogged about anything great lately, but still, I’m very thankful to all those who come to appreciate my doings. I haven’t noticed myself that Pinoy Teens Online already counts to one of the top blogs in the Pinoy Blogosphere, as all that I’m concentrating on is knock into the 100,000 Mark of Alexa.

I have been into all these stuff, like blogging and domaining for over a year now. But it’s been just since the 21st of March that I really exerted effort into blogging and WordPress. It has brought me very far, and as far as I know, I can say that July has been the peak of My Blogging Carreer. It was in that month that my traffic exelled unexpectedly, it was in that month that I broke the barriers of reality and fantasy as I unexpectedly made it closer, and closer to the 100,000 mark of Alexa.

This month, the traffic is slowing down, but.. It doesn’t means that I’ll be slowing down, it just means that I need to work harder, it’s a signal that I need to put more effort into my work and get better blog posts out. And you, the loyal readers who keep on coming back, will guide me through your feedback in becoming a better blogger ever post that I release.

Wala lang. Feel ko lang mag speech. HAHA.