I am a very vocal person.  This means that when I’m feeling something that needs to be let out, I do it in whatever way possible.  I have to admit that there are times wherein I would rather stay silent because I’ve so many things to say that only silence will do–and this happens whenever I’m mad, frustrated, sad, disappointed or raging in anger.

Last night, a good friend of mine talked over the phone.  She has been experiencing problems with her significant other and with two mutual friends whom I’ve recently discovered, have been backbiting us for the longest time.  I wanted to confront the two but knowing me, I’d rather not stoop down their level and I know that they will just deny everything we have discovered.

The usual Clarissa will always find venues for outlet.  I am not the kind of person who keeps it all in her heart until she just bursts one day in a completely wrong setting.  And all my friends know this, I vented out through my Plurk account. I plurked something very specific and very hitting (for an average reasonable person that is) and to my surprise, people kept on asking me through YM and SMS if they’re the one whom I’m pertaining to.  I even have a friend who never followed-up on me anymore when I ignored her deliberately today because I was finding it very painful to talk (because of my cough).

Now this had me thinking, why are these people guilty?  If they are not guilty, why do they seem  guilty?  Is there something that I have to know?  Have they also been doing the same things those two girls have been doing to me if not to my friend and I?  Why?

I shared this story to a very good friend of mine and funnily, he experienced the same instance often.  We can easily shrug this off since we’re not the guilty parties.  But after we come to think of it, it’s a very sad sad sad situation.  Why?  Because it makes us think that these people we treat as best friends might be really doing something awful behind our banks.  The reactions are just epic.  Please don’t call me an overanalyzer.  If you’re a rational person, you would understand that there is deep sense within Shakespeare’s thought–that suspicions always haunt the guilty mind.

Forgive me for this.  I just had to vent it out. 🙂