I believe most of you are not first time visitors to Pinoy Teens Online anymore, as more and more visitors are coming back not for 1 time but for many times now. Before I’ll be adding any more content to the website, I’d like to inform everyone that I have conducted a theme change and server maintenance on some of my clients websites and on this website specificially.

We had a lot of load on the server a while ago and I had to lock down everything until I came to the realization that one of the reasons that could’ve brought up the server load was the theme that we where using here as we ain’t be that much aware of the queries the prior theme has caused per click. After the theme change a while I ago, the server load went down to the normal green status again, I don’t know if it’ll come back though, hopefully it won’t :p

I’m still tweaking a bit on this theme to make ad spaces available for sale again it’s our only revenue that we are making at present, because well.. I hate to see ads, especially Google ads and other ad services. You just have no control on what they display. Directly managed ads are always best for me, because at least I’ll know what I’m going to present to the readers and when I’m going to present it to them.

Speaking about you, my readers, I’ve got one question. Do you have any loading problems or do you experience any bug with the theme layout? Do you like it? By the way. Now, that ain’t be a question anymore but 3 :p

So, see you around!