It’s been quiet some time, since I wrote the last post on Pinoy Teens Online. Local problems came up again, and I had no internet connection for the past 53 hours. I just got it back a few hours ago, actually. But this is actually not the main concern of this post, but the PBBTEP Big 4 is.

Yesterday, on the 4th of June, the Teen Big Four has been announced, consisting of 2 girls and 2 boys, namely, Robi Domingo, Nicole Uysiuseng, Ejay Falcon and Beauty Gonzales; in order. One of them had to leave, and that was the Italian Filipino, Alex. Who got the least votes with only 7% of the whole percentage. The other house mates votes, whoever, have not been told exactly, the percentage where given though, but no information to whom those votes count.

Although, we suspect that Robi Domingo is leading in the voting percentage, but who knows? Our feelings about the big four at the first place, was happiness. Because Robi Domingo is part of them, like we’ve mentioned a lot of times before, he’s the only living hope for us to become a deserving winner, thus, in most of the viewers eyes. Yet our emotions changes as Beauty was commenced as part of the big four, we feel; she totally, doesn’t deserves it. But we’ll analyze that stuff further in the next article that we’ll be writing up.

Meanwhile, nais namin malaman ang reaksyon nyo sa big four, deserving ba? O hindi ang mga kasali rito? Iwan lang kayo ng comments 🙂