I am happy to inform you that Kevin has just finished creating his new website, which was formerly known as his personal blog and now to be known as The Student Blogger. A blog talking about being a student and a blogger at the same time, a blog talking on how our dearest administrator and student blogger Kevin earns his “baon” online and how he keeps up with the daily challenges of this rapidly changing online journey.

The blog, studentblogger.net is up and running since last night as Kevin was still tweaking a few sectors of it (which will make him also very busy writing there, instead of here). And is expected to contain blogging tips, tricks and other nice information about WordPress, Blogspot, LiveJournal and more. We are currently conducting a little survey to ask your feedback about the studentblogger.net and about the student blogger himself, and we’re also asking how other students cope with blogging and education at the same time. If you would like to participate in the survey, feel free to do so by answering it right away now.

So, what else do I have in store as a little update? Hmm, we’ll be launching a new contest very soon, and you can check out the details of the contest over at a plurk that we have plurked a few hours ago. We love the positive feedback that we’ve got, there’s also a page here created about it already but there’s no real announcement about the launching just yet.