Rumors have spread that this 21st of May could be the start of a worldwide phenomenon, dubbed as the Rapture of the (Catholic) Church or the Judgment Day as some random banners fluttering on top of select Jeepney’s in Davao City say.

“Do you believe in Judgment Day this 21st of May?” – TV Patrol Southern Mindanao asked its viewers last May 10 on Region Wide TV

It even made its way into the mainstream media through the news last evening, yet it seems that only a few are aware of it. No matter how ill advised it sounds, but I believe that there is something strange about it. Not that it could be true in particular (which it may be), yet anyhow, it seems to be a little nudge or call for awareness to all of us that the day many anticipate but wish not to arrive is closing in.

We’ve got other predictions lined up in the coming months and years, too.

Like 2012 doomsday.

I think it’s kinda ironic though, that all we do is wait for the day to come, but we are not doing anything to counter its arrival. The few warmhearted people who actually care for humanity and the environment are not enough to fix the problems that have been piling up over the years by majority of the global population. Talk about earthquakes in Haiti andJapan or the Nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima. The People outrage in Libya; or the recent economic crisis that took place all over the world.

Let’s not look forward to any of such phenomena to take place before we change the way we live and look at things, but let’s start doing so today! (after reading this post, maybe?!)

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What are your thoughts about the May 21st Rapture of the Church or the other speculated End of the World Predictions? What can we do about them and how can we change our lifestyle?