I’m not talking about traffic statistics, comment volume, daily income from advertisements, but another problem that I have scarcely been talking about which is in direct relation to myself. My character and my kindness to other people. Where I try to play being the nicest guy to everyone out there. Helping everyone, even those who are not quiet close to me. I gave away domains, I gave away ECs, I helped people with their WordPress Migration but ended up with..


Nothing special, at least. A few remain thankful and keep hanging around this boring personality after their wish has been granted, others remain invisible towards my eye but start appearing when there’s again something that they need. My classmate who is also my crush for example, doesn’t responds to any of my text messages, but once she’s out of load, she keeps texting asking for load, and once I gave her some, my phone is silent again.

Could it be that I am too kind to other people? Well, that’s what my best friend said. I should change this personality of mine, but where and how should I start with? Stop giving away freebies? Stop contests? Stop visiting other blogs? I don’t know where I am heading to with this topic but I have to express myself just like I always do. Life is very unfair with me, because how much I’m try to have an even relation to the people around me, I always draw the shortr and become toe less respected one.

It sucks to be like me, to be asked doing things that you would never want to do, ending up being left alone once they get what they want from you. It’s hard to give stuff away when you know that the people are not going to be thankful for about your kindness.

I’m stuck in a common problem again, and I don’t know if I should pursue in helping other people. Especially those whom I’m not that close with. Being friendly to strangers or not so close people isn’t bad at all, I’ve met my close friend Graxxie through means like that and I’m happy to have met her. But there are several occasions where I deeply regret the kindness I offered… what do you think?

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