Many think blogging is easy. If you’re just out there for a view and blurt out your personal experiences, opinions et cetera then blogging certainly is as easy and simple as it can get.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the world of blogging, worst, are just after the money – it can get very complicated and complex.

I’m one of those people who walks between the lines of making money while producing worthwhile content for my readers. Well, that’s what I was used to before everything broke down. But let’s start with the building up process now, shall we?

A domain spells a huge difference.

Having your own domain can spell a huge difference. Advertisers will take you more seriously, readers will appreciate the shorter URL they have to memorize (even tho a lot of my readers end up at the .com extension that I sadly don’t own) and it just adds some credibility and authority to you as the owner of the blog.

That’s how easy it was for me when I started. Once I got the domain and started my blog on top of the domain, there was simply no looking back.

Of course, having a successful blog takes quite some effort on your part – you need to want to have a successful blog, and you need to do a lot of work to get there. Passion for your writing and your blog is very important, and so is perseverance and patience – you won’t hit thousands of visitors right away!

The first time the blog reached 300 visitors was one of the happiest days of my life then – I felt like I’m the King of the World already. It’s important to set these little milestone goals ahead of you, little achievements that will make you smile on the way to the top.

Of course you should dream big, but don’t forget to dream small as well. You’ll have lots of dreamless nights if you go for the big shot, ignoring the smaller pieces.

# Be a Reader – Not just a blogger

What I mean here is, that it’s important that you become a reader of other blogs. Don’t just lock yourself out of the world within your websites dashboard, Facebook page and your Facebook profile. Get out there, show your face to others, engage with other bloggers, comment on their blogs – and most of them will get back on you too.

That’s the secret in getting not just a lot of comments, but building a solid network across the blogosphere. No man is an Island after all!

# Think As Your Reader

If you are serious in providing content for your readers, you need to think like them. Analyze your traffic, find out the main interest of your readers and try to accommodate those. Whenever you finish up something, read it like you’re in the shoes of one of your readers. “Is this something that I’d love to read?” (Yeah, I know, I haven’t done much of that lately)

That’s pretty much all you need to worry about. Once you get that hang out of what your readers want – and can deliver – you’re on a good way to a successful blog. Don’t give up along the way or you end up like a lot of my blog-batchmates (eh?) whose blogs have suddenly disappeared from the surface of the earth. XD

Remember again, that no man is an island. Build a readership around your blog by visiting other blogs and writing comments, get in touch with your readers and other bloggers through the many mediums social media offers. You don’t want to end up as lonely as my site rots right now! 🙂

We’ll bounce back tho! Promise!