Aside from being a huge fan of Sarah Geronimo, there’s another local artist that I’m a very huge fan of. It’s best for you to check out my account and check the overall artists tally to know who that particular singer in question is. (I think that this person even leads in the “Last 7 Days”, “Last Month”, and “Last 3 Months”, and so on tally)

While being a Popster and being active on Sarah’s forum got me hooked and urged me in creating my own, I would not have been a Popster, had I not attended my other local singing icon’s mall tour at SM Davao where I met Ate Jovy, the acting leader of Sarah’s fans club (Popster) in Davao then (2006).

I was supposed to meet other members of the singer that had a mall tour at SM City Davao, but ended up meeting Jovy who invited me to join Sarah’s forum community… and tada!

We write the year 2007, early, 2007… The time when Pasaway Boards got started. As I mentioned in the first part, I was joined by fellow “Pasaway” board members of in the new forum that I created. Pinoy Teens is still quite a far shot away – but all these information will lead to the creation of Pinoy Teens very soon.

### Meeting Princess
No, I’m not referring to Princess Salan – but my best friend Princess. Princess played a very vital role during the early days pre-Pinoy Teens. She’s even one of the founders of Pinoy Teens and most of the site came into being because I was inspired by her. But that’s worthy of another story that I’ll post some other time.

Princess and I don’t have a lot in common but one thing, we had pretty much the same taste in music. She was an absolute huge fan, much, much greater than I was, of the singer I noted above – and that’s what got us closer. When I managed to have one of her CD’s signed for her.

We used to quarrel a lot, and not get along well… but the CD changed everything from worse to good. A bit odd, eh?

Anyways, Princess had this one friend, who goes by the name Izy Mae – we ended up as a couple for a month or two but it didn’t work out well… The good thing about it though was, that we remained good friends – all three of us. Some of my friends were really curious as to where I got that IGN (in-game name) for most of my characters which was Izy Mae – I never shared anything about her to them, as she requested.

Once I convinced both of them to join the Pasaway Boards (ironically, they were not part of the first batch of members), the forum all of a sudden boomed. They managed to invite some of their friends from Friendster and the respective online games they play to the forum. Workload wasn’t as heavy for me as it is now, since we exchanged rounds in touring other sites/forums and get members from there.

Everything seemed to go well… except that they felt something was missing. They thought that something was wrong about the whole thing, about the whole “happy go lucky forum for anything goes” concept that we started with.

Just like anything else, we needed a certain goal, and a certain plan to follow.

That’s when we conceptualized “Pasaway Kingdom Forum” (please feel free to check the google results for “Pasaway Kingdom” to see our silliness then) with the awesome tagline as “Philippines portal to the world!”

Year 2006-2007 was the year of the forums. And rightfully so, our forum did nothing but boom in terms of activity. (set aside the hacks and all). In the Forum Administration Community, Pasaway Kingdom set the bar of all Philippine based forums that time (aside from PEX of course). More and more foreigners liked our boards and joined us, and we’ve made quite a round across other General Topic Forums.

It still was not enough. The concept was still a bit off and our whole plan seemed way to shallow for our (well their) standards. We were in need to create something more patriotic, being the “Philippine portal to the World” and all. A forum was not enough anymore – we needed to create a website, and this was the time when I ventured in the world of HTML and PHP…