There have been hundreds of comments now regarding the big night controversy that happened during the big night. The supporters of Robi Domingo still can’t accept the fact that they have been cheated..

Being one who supports Robi Domingo, let me tell you this: WE CAN ACCEPT OUR DEFEAT, but not IN THIS WAY. It was very unfair! See it this way, ROBI DOMINGO led all the way in the voting until this very moment at around 40 minutes before the voting ends, didn’t he? Then comes EJAY who was catching up with the votes rapidly. I KNOW THAT NOT ONLY ROBI FANS COULDN’T VOTE, but the fans of the other 3 house mates couldn’t either. BUT DEFINITELY NOT ALL OF THEM.

Paano nyo naman ipapaliwanag ang BILIS na PAGTAAS NG BOTO para kay Ejay? Paano nyo maipapaliwanag ang iilang Robilivers na nagtry mag vote ng ibang housemates at agad agad pumasok ang boto? Para kay ROBI lang talaga, WALANG BOTO NA PUMASOK. Paano kaya yun?

Kung isipin natin, ROBI WAS LEADING. If ABS CBN didn’t interfere with it, ROBI DOMINGO WOULD WIN. Why? He was LEADING ANYWAY! So how could he loose if the competition would have been fair? When everyone vote for him would be counted? Sige nga mga EJANATICS ipaliwanag nyo nga yan sa akin.

ps: We know it’s over, but we want justice.