Scenario. You are chilling with your friends on the couch with sodas and snacks at reach, ready to watch another Fifa World Cup showdown. Finally, the teams enter the field in their soccer glory, the light reflecting on their faces heroically. After the national anthem of each team sounds,  the crowds roar creates an explosive reverberating sound filling the stadium.  But… hold on a second. Take a second and focus in on that sound. What is that mysterious buzzing sound?

That, my friend, is a vuvuzela. Wielded by the South African fans in the stadium, the vuvuzela is an instrument that ranges from 2 to 3 feet and produces a sound similar to the sound of a foghorn ( erm maybe even elephant? swarm of bees?). The vuvuzela has become the spirit of the game and a resource for fans to support their teams. Although the vuvuzela may seem harmless at first glance, its 130 decibel pitch has the capability to cause hearing loss and communication interference.  Officials are discussing whether the vuvuzela may become banned from the games and have already banned it from being played during the national athems and staduim announcements. What’s your opinion? Does this plastic, colorful tool of musical capability add to the full cheerful atmosphere of the World Cup or does it just an instrument of noisy chaos?