I still crave for a lot of things even if I have received a lot already this Christmas, let me list down ten things that I want the most for this Holiday Season. To make it sound more credible and realistic, I’ll keep my hands of from those enormousI am Busy this Christmaswishes like “having a own house” etc, etc. But rather keep it to the small and simple ones that are still very important to me.

  • See My Mother in Cebu – It has been a very long time since I last saw my mother from Cebu, and I have to admit that I really miss her through all this years of being apart.
  • See Kirae – I had the chance to meet my “younger sister” Kirae in Manila, when I attended the WordCamp Philippines 2008, but unfortunately, our communication was gone during my two day stay in the metro.
  • Get Smart Bro Wireless – I do have my own visibility kit now, but still, I really want to have a smart bro wireless as well, if in case Globe’s Internet Servce is messing up again just like it has messed up earlier this day.
  • See My Little Sister – aside from Kirae whom I consider as my younger sister, I do have a bioligical sister awaiting my coming Cebu, with my mother. According to what my Aunt’s say, my mother has told her a lot of things about me and she is pretty much excited to meet me in the near future.
  • Get more time to work on my blogs – The twenty four hour shot clock, I mean twenty four hour time span of a day isn’t enough for me to sleep, eat, drink,go to the CR, watch TV, text and most importantly blog. I have really neglected this blog these recent days.
  • Get the sub blogs done, I was supposed to write another post aside from this one informing some of our curious readers about a few new features that we’ve been planning to add here, yet it looks like it still needs a few new touches.
  • Get a Girlfriend – I’ m so bored down here, I really could need some lovely accompaniment from a girl who I may consider special for the next couple of my life, and who knows, forever?
  • Have my bestfriend beside me this Christmas – She’s away. And I don’t know when she wil be able to come back to Davao. Might be that she is just here at the next internet cafe playing her heart out in Rising Force Online.
  • I want all my downoads to finish! – It’s been days now (actually two, since two are more than one, it’s plural, that’s why I say days) that I am waiting for some games to be downloaded to my computer. I badly want to start playing Freestyle, RF and the other games. But ops, isn’t this bad for my blogging?
  • Have more time to share what’s going on with me – Yes, my time is limited again, I need some rest to play a bit with the only game that my computer has which is Dota, so that I have the energy and the mood again to continue working and brainstorming ideas for the new sub blogs I’m planning to add here and as well as the new blog that I am supposed to start soon.

So that’s all, just keeping you updated that we are still alive, specifically me. Anyways, what are your wishes?