Couple of years back, Filipinos still enjoyed Taylor Swift’s flagship titles, “Teardrops On My Guitar”, “Love Story”, “White Horse”, and here she comes again amazing not only the Filipino, but the whole world with her latest album, Speak Now.

Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Album Cover

Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Album Cover

Taylor Swift gets better every year

She’s grown into an international sensation as the years passed by. You could compare her talent to whine; the longer, the better. And there seems no end in sight for this talented girl yet.

The album is said to have been inspired by one of Taylor’s Friends. She notes that you should never hold back when it comes to love and when your feeling is right. The single Speak Now, which carries the album title as well supports the statement that she’s given very well. Aside from the inspiration given by her friend, she also notes that this album might as well cover all her emotions within the past two years. From wishful thinking, down to happy moments and moments of fatigue and selflessness as shown through her single “Back to December”.

It’s Teardrops On My Guitar All Over Again, just with in other words and tune

It’s one of those trademark songs of Taylor Swift as she unveils her creative and emotional side, coming up with words enchating enough to the listeners ears yet simple for every teenager, or better yet anyone out there to easily relate to.

We still have to have an hold of one of her Speak Now copies, until then I’ll leave you by saying that, the teasers Speak Now and Back To December which have been released ahead of the whole album is just a little showcase of how much talent and musical entertainment is awaiting you by grabbing the whole new array of Taylor Swift’s songs.

Tracks on Taylor Swift Speak Now Album

Disc 1/2
1. Mine 3:50
2. Sparks Fly 4:20
3. Back To December 4:53
4. Speak Now 4:00
5. Dear John 6:43
6. Mean 3:57
7. The Story Of Us 4:25
8. Never Grow Up 4:50
9. Enchanted 5:52
10.Better Than Revenge 3:37
11.Innocent 5:02
12.Haunted 4:02
13.Last Kiss 6:07
14.Long Live 5:18

Disc 2/2
1. Ours 3:58
2. If This Was A Movie 3:54
3. Superman 4:36
4. Back To December (Acoustic) 4:52
5. Haunted (Acoustic) 3:37
6. Mine (US Version) 3:50
7. Back To December (US Version) 4:53
8. The Story Of Us (US Version) 4:26