TANG, the worlds leading powdered beverage brand presents a new refreshing way to RAMADAN for the Muslim Community, specifically in Mindanao. The second largest food and beverage company, KRAFT presented the Davao-based Media, Traditional and New, with their newly HALAL Certified TANG.

Although, there hasn’t been any changes with the ingredients or packaging of the famous powdered beverage, what’s very notable is that it has been HALAL certified, which speaks not only of quality for the Muslim Community and in the Philippines, but also ensures the quality of the products for non-Muslims as well. TANG has been with about three generations of Filipino already and is on sale for about 36 years now, since 1974.

A Timely Event for a Refreshing RAMADAN

Muslims will enjoy a refreshing Ramadan as Tang gives them a nutritious and delicious beverage – an ideal drink for breaking their fast during this holiest events of the Muslim Community.

It does not only encourages Muslim to drink TANG during their fasting, but encourages the Filipino Child in general to drink more water. It just makes drinking water more exciting for every Filipino! It hasn’t just become affordable and easily accessible by the masses, but it is backed with the HALAL Certification ensuring the quality of the product.

What is HALAL Certification?

HALAL certification is something that is required for Muslims ever since. It is to ensure the quality of the product and the origin of the (raw) materials used in coming up with the product. Like for example, in Chicken, that they have been properly prayed over before slaughtering them. Without the HALAL Certification, the origin of the products, the ingredients, the procedure and as well as the quality of it may be questionable.

The introduction of TANG as a HALAL Certified product is just the first of many efforts in Mindanao. There will be many more to come.

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