A Superferry 9 Passenger, “Rosete” claims contrary to Capt Jose Yap that there was no strong wind since departure from General Santos City until the ship sank in Zamboanga area.

One of the passengers of the tragic SuperFerry 9 revealed earlier in an interview that there was no strong wind that they’ve engaged with since departure from the General Santos port, until the moment they stepped into Zamboanga territory and eventually sank. He also revealed to the media that the said SupperFerry 9 was already in a slightly tilting position the moment it left General Santos City and thought that this was normal, and that the crew of the said ship knew that they were doing.

He added that it has been a long time since he last went on board on a ship, which made him think that there’s indeed nothing wrong and that everything was just alright at its proper place. :Six hours into travel and bypassing Zamboanga City”, he says, “I heard a loud noise, and noted the ship to tilt even more to the side”. Rosete also said that a crew member, who was unable to contact the captain advised us and the other passengers to get on our knees and slowly crawl to the nearest exit.

Rosete who provided these first-hand details from his experience on the SuperFerry was traveling with his wife and his 11-year old son named Nick Angelo. Both are still missing and he continues looking for them and strongly believes that both are still alive, since all three of them jumped off the boat simultaneously.

The statements of Rosete are of total contrary what Super Ferry 9 Captain Jose Yap has disclosed to the Board of Marine Inquiry and might just be the evidence to prove that it was not of natural cause but a human-error that might have caused the sinking of the commercial ferry. Investigation though, is still going on.