Money is important. We may try to deny that fact. We may go on and say that “money can’t buy happiness” and so on… but money matters. Without it, you couldn’t acquire your everyday necessities. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to indulge yourself by purchasing the luxury items you want. Without money, it would be rather hard to survive in this money driven society.

That’s why, today, personal loans philippines and some means and ways you can hold off from being a one-day millionaire.

Most of our readers are still studying. Well, I know that some of you have graduated already given that I’ve set foot in the blogging world in 2007 and that some have followed me since then. Yet still, I believe that some of the tips below are applicable to all of you out there.

Tips to Budget and Save your Money

  1. Cut on your commuting expense – I think we’ve all been there. Unless you live right next to your school, some of us will have to commute to school. Sometimes it takes not one, but multiple rides to arrive. Try to cut your commuting expense by paying the “student’s price” when riding the jeep. Instead of 8, pay 7.
  2. Walk more – It’s still part of “commuting expense” but I thought I have this stand on its own. You should walk more. Sometimes, we can save 6-7 pesos from a tricycle ride if we were to walk. I know, in the morning, it’s understandable that you wish to get to school fast because you’re either running late or because it’s just so freaking hot… but on your way home, late afternoon, instead of riding with the tricycle, try to walk towards the jeep stops.
  3. Eat outside the school – Food is usually on the expensive side inside the campus. More often than not, eating outside of the campus is way more cheaper. Scout the surrounding of your school for an affordable Calenderia. You are not only going to save money from it, but you’ll also be rather full!
  4. Put away the extra money from your baon – If you follow the aforementioned tips, it’s likely that you end up with some spare money from your baon. Put away that money. Don’t use it for the next day. Don’t make it your life mission to exhaust all of your money on a single day. It’s always good to have some spare. 10-30 pesos are day will make quite a nice sum by the end of the month.
  5. Make smart investments – I see nothing wrong if you put your yellow paper up for sale. A peso for every one whole yellow paper shouldn’t hurt your classmate’s wallet, while it’ll also help you fund for that next stack of paper. However, this is just within the classroom where you can make smart investment and look out for some ROI (return of investment). It’s a trend now to make student loan philippines that will help you finance your studies or maybe even get your business started. Do not overspend. Use the money that you loan exactly for what it was intended for. Don’t use it for something else. Is there some extra? Invest into another venture, or business, or whatever… make the money grow, or set it aside for you to repay your loan later.

I could write so much more about how to spend your money wisely, but I’ll keep it to myself for a later post. I don’t want to bore you to death with my financial obsessive-compulsiveness. Until then!

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