If you haven’t read our announcements yet, then this post is more of the type for you. As you might have noticed, our website was down for almost one whole day yesterday, that was because we have been kicked from our old bad hosting, and finally found a new place to stay, and that is Strong Hub. We still run on normal hosting account, with 4 other sites online and running too, haven’t experienced any problem and all, and looking forward to have no problems here.

We have been suspended on the bad hosting service namely ComputingHost because of server over load that we are causing, according to them, which I don’t find to be the case with the new host, as said, we ain’t have problems with them right now, and hope not to have any problems, if not at least minor problems only.

We look forward to stay with this hosting account for the next few months until we will go to VPS, our visitors counter has dropped by 60% just overnight. We need to get back to the usually number of visitors that we also do have.

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