If you thought everything about the STC incident disallowing their students to march during their graduation was settled, you guessed wrong.

Parents of students that attend the St. Theresa’s College sued the school for damages, worth 1.5 Million Pesos. STC officials also got sued for allegedly verbally abusing the students and for violating a law against voyeurism when the students’ pictures were made public to justify the students’ being barred from graduation rites.

Instead of accepting how ill advised their actions were and settling for reconciliation with the students’ parents, St. Theresa’s College decides to countersue the parents.

To quote from Inquirer.net:

In a case it filed at the city prosecutor’s office, St. Theresa’s College (STC) sued the parents for violating Republic Act No. 7610, or the Anti-Child Abuse Law, for alleged failure to supervise their children that resulted in the children’s engaging in vices and other immoral acts, like taking pictures of themselves wearing bikinis and posting these on Facebook.

The complaint was signed by STC Directress Sr. Purisima Pe, assistant high school department principal Musollini Yap and three private citizens—Salome B. Lape, Maria Teresa V. Atienza and Jo-ann A. Zaldumbide, who are either parents or alumna of the school.

I don’t know how how the world ended up to be this insane. The parents should not be going through all the hassle because of this catholic institution that considers itself a school.

A bikini is not an underwear no matter how you disagree with it. It is a bathing/swimming suit. It is a clothing designed for swimmers and bathers. Bigotry and ignorance comes hand in hand. WWJD?- Inquirer.net commenter

What’s most disturbing about it is, that I thought they disallowed the students not to march because of the bikini picture – but now escalate the situation to a whole new level.

This move seems a bit desperate for me.

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