We know how important it is for all of us to get our websites promote the most effective yet pleasing way. We don’t want to spam like hell other people by asking them through comments to exchange links with your blogs, I know, you hate the feeling when you see a comment in moderation and go like “oh, someone likes one of my post and the idea I tried to deliver with that post, let’s read it!” But end up saying “Sh*t, another promotion through comments, it would’ve been nice if he’d at least commented about the post and then asked for a link exchange. Amf

A lot people who are closing in to the desperation level to bring their sites to fame and high statistics in terms of unique visitors, page rank, authority and other factors end up with the opposite of their objective. They tend to forget that they are getting too personal and offensive with their comments, showing no respect to the owners of the blog their spamming on. And honestly, I’ve been one of those pitiful people before who would just ran from site to site, carelessly adding comments for link exchange without commenting on the article itself.

Some of you might be wondering why it’s offensive, if you’re one of those people then you have surely not experienced the given scenario above yet. Wherein you feel so excited about a new comment under moderation only to find out that it’s totally way off topic and only for promotion purposes of the one who left the comment. Damn those people! Don’t you agree?

We’re not saying that you should stop asking for link exchanges on blogs that you visit, but at least pay some tribute to the blog owner and leave a constructive comment about their posts and then add your link exchange request. The other bloggers tend to comment back on you as a little token of appreciation. And approval to exchanging links end up with higher percentage rather than being ignored by leaving those off topic comments. And who knows, both of you’ll have a pretty nice Blogging Relationship. Do you really want to waste this chance?

I guess you don’t want to waste a chance like that, nor would you like to seed bad reputation on your name and your blog, so better start changing and read before commenting :p

So much for the introductory part of what actually have to say.

We here at Pinoy Teens Online want to practice this change together. Giving away link love for those who deserve it, for those who stick around with us and leave good comments, and those who love to link exchange in the right way.

It’s actually easy to participate in our movement. All you need to do is start leaving good comments on our blog and other blogs you hop on, and we’ll start doing the same favor for you. You can add us to your blog links on your blog and we’ll do the same as well. All, with no excessive spam promotion needed. Once you’re leaving a comment on this blog, you’ll notice that at the very bottom of your comment is the link to your latest blog post, that’s what we call CommentLuv. It’s a feature open for many blogging solutions enabling blog authors to give a little token to those who leave comments on their blog.

Next, we’ve setup our very own Link Love Page where you can submit your blog URL and add it to our DoFollow Link Directory. It’s still very young, but sooner or later you’ll find interesting blogs in there that you might befriend as well.

With these little tokens that we are handing over to you, our loyal readers, I personally hope that we can open up a closer relationship between each other and that we could jump from this Author-Reader relationship to being friends.

Enjoy your stay at Pinoy Teens Online, Good day everyone!