Update: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Live Stream Channels for Sopcast can be found, here.

Read why the Sopcast Live Stream Player and channels is still our trusted source for the Pacquiao Cotto fight and for the live stream post of ours.

Both the Sopcast Live Stream Player and Justin.TV are great choices to make whenever you wish to view something cool, for free and online. Yet, both of them have got their pros and cons. It is hard to call which option we are going to introduce to you for the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto fight that we’ll star here in a post with all the live stream details. That’s why, join me in further analyzing both the Sopcast Player and the live streaming service Justin.TV.

Justin.TV not for boxing

Justin.TV used to be a nice place to gather with people in line with your interest while watching whatever live show you’d like to watch with the embed chat room on every channel. Though, when it comes to boxing fights HBO deserves the right to have these channels suspended until the fights are over which isn’t really good news for all the boxing fans for this coming Pacquiao Cotto fight. Yours truly, and I guess many others have learned from that in a not so distant experience in other fights that we failed to finish using the Justin.TV service.

SopCast Player never disappointed us.

The SopCast Player at the other hand is one very nice player that you can use for your home entertainment, it is not that fun if you’re all alone at home, though. You can watch almost everything on it with no restriction which makes it a very cool company for everyone at home who wants to watch something live and for free. Might that be a Basketball game, a Soccer game, or a boxing fight like the one between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton last May.

Though, it has disappointed a few of our readers when Mayweather entered the ring, because we were unable to provide the right sopcast channel in our post which left many boxing fans empty handed. Something that we’ll try avoid this time around and make up to all of you.

We will still provide free live streaming sopcast channel for Pacquiao Cotto Fight

It is clear to see now and to conclude that we will stick to the option to provide you live streaming information for the Pacquiao Cotto fight through a channel in the sopcast player. I’d like thank all of the people who have been avidly following Pinoy Teens and trusting in our sources, resources and the information that we provide here.

If you know any truly working channel in sopcast that we all can take advantage from, please feel free to email me: [email protected] so that all of us here can profit from it. We’ll keep you posted in a day or two about the Live Stream information for the upcoming clash between Puerto Rico and the Philippines in Las Vegas, Nevada.