SM Lanang Premier Cinema on Iron Man Fever

SM Lanang Premier will screen Marvel and Walt Disney’s Iron Man 3 across all their Cinemas this April 24, 2013.

That means all Cinemas from Cinema 1 to 6 will screen Iron Man 3 starting as early as 11AM of the said day in 2D.

SM Lanang Premier’s IMAX Cinema will screen Iron Man 3 in 3D – simultaneous with other IMAX Cinemas of SM, like the one in Mall of Asia. Premier screening of the said movie at Davao’s undisputed Premier Cinema, the SM Lanang Premier IMAX will be at 12:05AM for those who just can’t wait to see the movie. Regular screening schedules will follow suit with the next screening of Iron Man 3 in the IMAX Cinema at 11:45AM.

What’s all the fuss with IMAX and the regular 100% digital cinemas?

I’ve personally not watched any movie in IMAX yet, but after a few inquiries with some friends of mine, here’s what they’ve got to say:

It’s one thing to *watch* a movie, but a whole new experience being immersed into one in IMAX.

Experiencing a movie in IMAX, specially a blockbuster one like Iron Man 3 takes the movie experience to a whole new level. You’re much closer to the scenes, you’re closer to the action, and the sound – along with the picture is crystal clear. You can’ go wrong watching a movie in IMAX.

Nadia of Krispy Kreme, Sir Lloyd and Ma'am Marie of SM Lanang Cinema

SM Lanang IMAX: one of Philippine’s best

IMAX isn’t “all that new” to the Filipino folks. Many were able to experience IMAX for quite some time at the SM Mall of Asia, for example.

The newest pride, hype and interest of Davao City moviegoers, however counts to be (one of) Philippine’s best cinema experiences yet.

SM Lanang Premier’s Assistant Theater Manager backs this statement up by saying: “The IMAX in MOA is quite old already, here at SM Lanang, however, it’s brand new. We made sure fix all flaws of IMAX in MOA for the IMAX here at SM Lanang.”

Snack Time Promotion going on:
The Snack Time of SM Lanang Premier Cinemas is having a little Iron Man promotion going on:

You can buy the DVD copies of IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2 for only 225PHP and get a free cheesedog on top of it. That way, you’re saving up roughly around 145PHP. Hurry, promotion going on until supply lasts!

Thanks to Krispy Kreme SM Lanang Premier for hosting this event earlier today. Don’t fret, Krispy Kreme fanboys and fangirls – a post of them is on the way here on Pinoy Teens as well.

PS: All Davao Moviegoers, hope to see you guys at the Premier Screening of Iron Man 3 at SM Lanang Premier’s IMAX Cinema this April 24, 2013 at 12:05AM. I’ll be there to be one of the first having a look at one of this year’s most awaited movies yet.

And oh, who knows, I might also finally end up writing a review about my first ever IMAX experience (and about the movie, too.)

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