I already told you in a recent post, that the issue about a friend of mine who asked help from me has already been fixed, but it seems that there are still people out there who where either unable to apprehend or read the post and reluctantly released an article about me and my “bad attitude” according to them. But let me comprehend “his” attitude as well now.

I know how happy he was, the time when a comment arrived on his blog from that particular person (who asked help from me). A comment that she added to a lot of blogs hopelessly trying to get in contact with me during my absence from the online world.

Before heading into the details of “why she got so frustrated” and “why I was unable to contact her back, let me tackle the writer of the post first.

Did you know that he is the owner of exofire.net ? If you did not know about it yet, well do not wonder, because he owns that domain name in his dreams.

Joseph Owns EXOFIRE.NET?

In the article Some Issues, Some Errors, I explained why I was missing, I’ve also included details on how I will repay the “bad service” that I have offered; that particular post was dated August 4.

And that, way before dear Joseph Sator has released his article. This is going to be something personal, isn’t it? I can conclude, that he might feel pissed off with the question I threw on him, which appear to have offended him. But please, would you not react if a blogger (who possesses a .info domain) has a domain name like EXOFIRE.NET? Lol.

Obviously, I do not take on people older than me, I even don’t want to take on anyone at all. But there are times needed when I have to stand up for myself, and further explain issues in specific details for certain brains to fully understand.

If these people won’t still be able to comprehend this post, well, then this will go into a definite personal issue.

Here’s a screen shot of my card dropping activity on EC.com, as you noticed, it is just 1 third of the total drops allowed per day. Well, it just shows how inactive I was during that time she asked for my help. You can even check the recent posts on this blog, and see for yourself, that the last comprehensive article I wrote prior the incident was on the 31st of July.

You can blame it all down to me, I don’t mind that, I just don’t like people to bring up issues that have already been resolved, just as Honey Reyes has texted me a while ago.

I was offering a free domain name and the money to be sent back but she insisted. So what else can I do for her?

Tsk. Sayang, ganda sana ng issue noh? Naging personal na nga lang ang isa ^^,) I know you’re happy upsetting me. I wonder why you did that^^,) Probably.. Never mind..

ps: BADITS: I love you.. Hehe.. / JOSEPH: oh, may Technorati Juice ka na from me. Haha. / BESH, I know you expected a real bash. It’s difficult to study, chat, blog, ec drop at the same time. haha.