As a student myself, I know how daunting, and how impossible, making money while studying seems. You wake up, go to school, come home to TV and Facebook, and homework and family, plus all those other annoyingly necessary things like eating and sleeping, and saving or making money, on top of all that, just doesn’t seem feasible. However, there are some clever ways to inch your way closer to your ultimate financial goal even while studying at school or college. There are many resources online to get educated on making money during this time in your life, for example, read up at For now, here are some things you can do to begin cashing those cheques.

Remove debt, start afresh

Whether it’s outstanding debt on a credit card, or owing your friend $20 from last night’s shenanigans, you need to eliminate debt before you can start making money. It’s just common sense, and it takes unnecessary pressure off your shoulders. Any money that comes in is first used to pay off outstanding debt – and this will get you in the habit of eliminating debt as soon as it appears, which will help you when interest fees become an issue once you stop studying.

Set goals, go achieve them

You need to be able to set realistic goals in terms of your saving abilities. Sometimes you need an experts perspective. You cannot simply state, I want to save some money up because it doesn’t provide any tangible motivation to actually do it, and you’ll be tempted to just spend any income you get as soon as you get it. Instead, try saying something like ‘I want to save $1300 for a new laptop by the end of April’. This states the goal very clearly, and makes it easier to stick to as you will be ‘rewarded’ with the laptop by the end of April if you are successful. In order to be successful at saving money, however, you need to have a source of income!

Find your source


Being a student is hard in terms of saving because you simply do not have the time to fit a high-commitment job into your life right now. This is why you need to be clever in the way you make money, so that your studies won’t be sacrificed and neither will your sanity! You will need to be resourceful and clever in what you choose to pursue in terms of income. Perhaps you have an overflowing wardrobe – you could hold a stall at a local market and make some easy cash in hand, while also cleaning out your room a little too. You can do odd jobs around the neighbourhood for cash too; dog walking, babysitting (good if you need to get homework done – just wait for the kids to go to bed!) gardening, for more crafty ideas, you can start by clicking here. Alternatively, if you really want to be an official employee, send your resume to cafés or fast-food outlets with a high number of staff, so that you could potentially swap and change shifts according to your study-workload per week.

Trying to make money while you are still a student is hard. However, if you can balance study with a steady income and a proper savings plan in place, you really will be set for life. The skill of saving money is something that many adults never get the hang of – so if you can do it now, you’re going to be one step ahead of the crowd.