Sherlock Holmes

Rolling through the previews a few months ago, I had highly anticipated this movie. I mean, c’mon. With an all-star cast (featuring the lovely Rachael McAdams, Jude Law for eyecandy, and Ironman, Robert Downey Jr.), what is there not to love?

But by opening night, I had completely forgotten about this movie. Sherlock had the potential to be racking in some big crowds. From competing in box office sales with the blockbuster hit Avatar, Sherlock Holmes seems to have fallen flat gathering viewers. Yes, people would rather be enticed by the Pocahontas-like story of aliens than enthralled by the dark mysteries of London’s streets.

In spite of the comparatively low-key hype, Sherlock Holmes had provided a thrilling, dynamic cinamactic adventure with the full-on combat, mind boggling conjectures, foreboding cults and comical monologues. Watching this movie was definitely entertaining but felt lacking. It was a rollercoaster experience minus the ups and downs, lacking overall depth, just a show. The romantic relationship between Rachel McAdams’ character and Sherlock Holmes definately could have developed a little more futhur. The movie also tried to incoorperate foreshadowing of the sequel and the prequel but those scenes seemed rather superfluous. Mainly, the plot needed some reworking.

Nonetheless, Sherlock Holmes is everything brillant in this adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece, but if you would like the true thrill, I would urge you to waster some hours on the corresponding  interactive game, 221b,  serving as the prequel to the movie. Wether you are slightly dissappointed watching the movie or begging for more, staying up until 3 am to experience the full mystery (bawling your eyes out in terror)  playing as Sherlock Holmes or Watson is highly reccomendable and well worth it.

Re-live the adventure here –>