Before the week ends, I’d like to introduce another femalel Pinoy Teenager of ours. Her name is stated in the title of this article.

Shaihyie Dequina is one of the active commentors on Pinoy Teens Online, she’s also one of the lucky winners of a free domain name that we’ve given away in our raffle contest last May 2008. You can also be one by subscribing to our email newsletter, or if you’re subscribed already, by staying subscribed since our June raffle is nearing.

She’s a 15 year old Female Teen coming from San Pablo City, Philippines. At her young age she’s used to blog and is one of the many friendster addicts, whilst her only difference is that besides being a friendster addict, she makes use of multiply as well. She’s someone who isn’t very much into texting, but if you ask her for a chat session, bet she’ll accompany you for some fun time.

Ahmm.. Being one of my virtual friends, what I can say about her is that she’s a quite cute and impressive girl, I haven’t blogged that well nor designed anything at her age before. Though, I’ve created forums or so, but zero blogging and designing at all, even until now, I don’t design.

Last but not the least, her concept of life says:

It’s better to give, than to receive..

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