I’ve always wanted to blog about Selena Gomez but I just didn’t find the right timing for the hectic scheduleSelena Gomez of Wizards of Waverly Place I’m in, but finally, I’ve got some spare time and here we go, blogging about a very pretty and adorable girl which has caught my attention.

The first time I’ve seen this girl on television was quiet some time back, early times of the promotion of Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. Since then, I had a crush on her, and I have even a greater crush on her now, since I see her more often on the said show which is showing up on Disney Channel Asia.

Selena Gomez has quiet a lot of fan sites, I tell you, and I was quiet confused to which to link to. As then I’ve decided to include a link to the forum I’ve recently registered to. Selena looks young, and she’s young indeed, born in the year 1992. A little trivia about her: Selena wears a purity ring on her left ring finger that says “True Love Waits”.

Do you like her guys?