Head Administrator Kevin Paquet is entangled in a little problem right now in school. Not really from the educational point of view, but from a slight different one. I am not authorized to share much information about whatever problem Kevin has had encountered in school as I am only tasked to report to you, his readers of what is hindering him to blog right now.

As a spectator of all the things that have had happened to Kevin these recent twenty four hours, I believe that he is having a hard time figuring out what is right and what is wrong, whether the act that he has done a few weeks back, was good or not. What was that said incident? I may not kiss and tell anything straight regarding the issue being discussed by him and his Principal, but let me leave you a few clues to ponder upon.

It’s in about a post that he has published dated back in the year 2008 where he discussed a particular unpleasant event that took place at his school. And it seems like that particular article has made a buzz at his school right now. Alumni of the said academe have read the post and inquired the school’s administration in regards of what has happened and to verify the incident that he has reported.

His attention was raised earlier this morning, he said through Yahoo! Messenger, and he can’t believe of what is going on, why just such a little post has made such a big deal to his school. It may not have been the only displeasing post he wrote, but two. But what’s the matter about sharing your opinion to everyone, for as long as what you are writing about is true? What’s so wrong if he has missed a few details; for which is Principal has labeled him as someone `who speaks unfair` about the certain issue. Should anyone really tell him what he should write on his own domain name? Like he has been saying over and over again, the website kevinpaquet.com is his blog, and the content is what he considers to share with the other people who are reading the website and reaching the blog via search engines.

I remember him saying that he told his Principal `I would also write good things about PWC, if there are good things` and he indeed did so about the Musical Play his class and fellow fourth year students conducted in School and, what about the post about the Programming Contest that the PWC Faculty may have overseen in the said research they have conducted to find out more of his content related to school? Indeed people would rather notice the one negative deed among ten positive ones.

What annoys me much is the question that his Principal has raised, after he said that he would also share positive content whenever he has time to do so, and the question goes like this: What have you done during your Christmas Vacation? And Kevin responded something like: I blogged, I surfed the web, etc. And he eventually came to recall (unsure) his Principal saying something like, “see..” as a expression of which may lead to many conclusions.

And let me come to one conclusion. It is as if his Principal tried to point out that he did not wrote anything positive during the break (or maybe at all); contradicting his statement that whenever there is something good, he would share it.

But, does he really needs to share whenever there is something good? Did he really had time to write something good on his personal site? No, because it is his space online and he is the author of all the personal content, as like all other articles on this website go to his account which are authored by him. He is certainly not obliged to post anything positive, even in his vacant time.

Like a lot of people and a few teachers from other schools have said, the only word that may have created conflict was the usage of the word, “worst”, as he entitled the post. But does it really imply being the worst whatever that the school has conducted or rather the worst one that he has attended? Yes, people might misintepret it due to the lack of content, but still it is very own website and his content, opinion, and expressions that get published.

Where is the Freedom of Speech? Where is democracy in our Country? A big academe like his school should be able to digest this scratch his post may have done. It wasn’t his intention, but, the damage is done. While it may not also be the intention of the teachers that, that event would end up that way, but that was the way he saw it. And, everyone beholds his or her right to his or her personal opinion.

I don’t know where this issue will be heading to. Suspension? Expulsion? Or maybe just a follow up about the content that he has written? Let’s wait and see how the school will deal with the issue in the next few days and we will keep you updated about whatever is going on here.

UPDATE: Kevin has brought PWCs name in a lot of events, being one of the hottest bloggers of his age, ranking top 10th of 2008 for the new blogs of the Philippines, being able to TEACH/SPEAK at a quiet big affair at UM Matina in front of COLLEGE STUDENTS, also being the youngest one to speak. And a lot more.