Another day has passed and this will be the third that Kevin Paquet won’t be able write a post about yet anything at all. The issue in school has not yet been solved and it looks like it is still going to need some time.

My cousin, Princess, wrote a comprehensive post including all the needed information on the school issue that Kevin is entangled into, and it seems like there are new details to be added, or is this just another person who is after Kevin and tries to express his or her hatred towards him?

According to his Mother, who has told me a few moments ago, there has been a Policeman on a Motor driving back and forth our house awaiting Kevin’s arrival. She along with the other neighboors who have witnessed the incident; are quiet shocked and are wondering why such high ranking people in our community is interested in talking to him. I am not pointing my fingers at anyone and I do not intend to do so, but could this really be in relation to the issue?

Let’s anticipate his comment about this issue who will tell you more about whatever has been happening these past foury eight hours of his life.