The Pinoy Teens Online surveillance team was up all afternoon sneaking along the corridors of the “Philippine” world wide web to catch people who are using illegal softwares and unlicensed, pirated scripts. A few have been reported already and successfully banned, while other sites are still on the dead row.

WHY are we doing this?
Because we hate Piracy, we hate people who are ripping off the salary of the people who work so hard on creating a quality software, just for some junky to grab a nulled version and makes use of it without paying. Don’t you know that some of those developers earn their living by the means of contributing to the development of scripts, like IP Board for example? I know, people will think of us being insecure of competition, but we definitely are not. It’s just that, the use of unlicensed scripts has grown rapidly. Someone needs to draw the line, and we will start it, here on Pinoy Teens Online.

Think this way..

For example, you are someone who is fund of developing friendster profiles, someone would rip it off, use it and say it’s his own; how would you feel? Or let’s say you wrote a quality post and are so proud of it as one day you check in google for your standing you see someone ahead of you using the content of the post that you have made? I know, you would feel angry about it. You would go and look for a solution to stop the copycat from continuous violation of copyright, wouldn’t you?

And that is what we are going to start, we will attempt to stop people from using illegal scripts and unlicensed wares. We’ll try to do our best to take the most efficient action in order to get a suspected website using unlicensed scripts down, the quickest way possible; just like we have reported the chibbo forum, which ones used vBulletin.

Think again. before you use a script that you haven’t paid for, I know, you know, we all know that you ain’t feel happy about it, so would the developers of the copied scripts you got feel too.