(sarah geronimo featuring mark bautista)

I dont see the smile you used to give to me
I dont see the same again your eyes
I dont know what is happening to us
And losing you forever so fast

It’s time to keep the pieces of a broken heart
There’s no mending, there’s no brand new start
Oh maybe i just have to face the truth
I’m losing you and theres nothing I can do

(maybe) its time to let go, its time to move on
(maybe) it is the time to forget what we have shared
I just have to learn / is it easy for you
Getting over all the days
We used to say “I love You”

Tomorrow is a lonely day that I must face
To try and get back on my feet would be a waste
Oh how can I truly live without your love
A life without you is not a life at all

[Repeat CHORUS]

MARK: There are many questions SARAH:(many Questions)
left in my mind
I cant find the answers
why oh why
but I know it is true, it is time to let go

[Repeat Chorus]

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