Don’t just enjoy drinking San Miguel Beer, have fun with your Barkada with San Miguel Flavored Beer.

Try the first and only flavored beer in the country brought to you by the San Miguel Brewery. San Miguel offers the flavored beers in two variants, the first is Apple, and the second beer flavor is Lemon.

Neither of the two flavors offered by San Miguel is truly ‘new’, since both have been around for well over a year, with the Apple flavored San Miguel Beer receiving a Gold, and the Lemon flavored one, receiving a Silver award at the Monde Selection last 2012. And now in 2013, the Flavored Beers are rapidly taking off – and we want you and your barkada to join this new taste of beer.

Win Exciting Prizes with your Barkada

San Miguel Flavored Beer

San Miguel Flavored Beer

Aside from enjoying the taste of the beer and the company of your friends, get the chance to win exciting prizes courtesy of San Miguel Flavored Beers.


First, watch the two Webisodes from the Seriously fun Barkada Challenge below:

Then, try those games with your friends (and don’t forget to record your seriously fun moments)

If you ask me, I imagine the second Webisode to be more fun and hilarious, and I’m definitely going to have my friends consider recording a video o our own too. I wonder what the last person in each group is going to blurt out at the end of the game!

SMB Flavored Beer flavors: Apple & Lemon

SMB Flavored Beer flavors: Apple & Lemon

Of course, don’t forget to upload your videos online and then send link of your bonding time with your barkada to [email protected].

For those who are looking for a new way to chill and enjoy a few beers with your friends and cliques, this is the way to go. Have a burst of Apple and a zing of Lemon today.