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I know, you know, we know that San Beda has played awesome basketball over the recent years. And even until their latest game, they’ve shown their worth and are up for a San Beda “Dynasthree”. I know well that they can make it. But, can they achieve this with a clean sheet?

So far, there’s nothing that can stop the Red Lions from pursuing their hopes for a clean sheet this season, yet August 1 will be quiet a trial for the San Beda Squad; as they’ll facing the Letran Knights in the most awaited event in the 1st round of the competition.

The performance of San Beda is too good to be true from my point of view, yet, they are the best squad out there right now, and like I’ve said, they’ve proven their worth. Still; I don’t believe that they’ll be up for a clean sheet. I’m not saying that Letran will be the catch, I’m just saying that San Beda won’t get the God-like null win this season.

What do you think? Will they remain undefeated this season or shall a team stop them for a game? And if you believe so, then which team would it be?

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