The NBA Finals reaches Game 5, which most likely, is going to be the last game of the finals this year.

Should everything go as planned and predicted by most, then there’s no way that the San Antonio Spurs would let the Miami Heat off the hook again. The momentum is clearly with San Antonio right now, after they have schooled the Heat consecutively despite the Heat having home court advantage in both game 3 and 4. It weren’t just narrow wins, like Miami managed (2 pts) in game two, no, they were absolutely outclassed and humbled by the experience and explosiveness of the San Antonio Spurs.

Many may have considered it an impossible task for the Spurs even to return to the finals after the hard fought first round against the Dallas Mavericks which forced them to go all-out to a decisive game 7. Yet here they are, just one win away from being crowned the champions once again.

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs Game 5 of the Finals

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs Game 5 of the Finals

Can the San Antonio Spurs win today? Or will we head back to Miami in the next couple of days?

Let’s find out later, when Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs will play out the 5th game of the NBA Finals 2014.


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