A passenger exposed the rudeness of a taxi driver in Metro Manila who threatened to punch her after she refused to pay an additional fare above the metered-fare.

Joanna Garcia shared on Tuesday a 45-second video on her Facebook account how a taxi driver argued with her to pay an additional fare.

Netizens are outraged by the rudeness and aggressiveness of the Taxi Driver in question. The taxi’s plate number is: UWB666.

Many have expressed concern over the rampant rudeness and modus-kontrata exercised by self-entitled taxi drivers who are taking advantage of their passengers. For now, especially for Metro Manila, it is recommended that passengers hail a taxi via the Uber or GrabTaxi app to limit incidents like these to happen to them.

Hopefully, with a Duterte Presidency come the May 2016 elections, people like this abusive driver will be eradicated.

Kulong yan dapat (physical assault), tanggal ang lisensya (mukhang nakadrugs), at may monetary fine (overcharging at nangongontrata).