One of the Red Cross Hostages in possession of the Abu Sayyaf, Mary Jean Lacaba has been freed. She was captured by the Abu Sayyaf for 78 days. It’s also said that she, Mary Jean Lacaba, who is a volunteer of the International Red Cross, was the hostage that was supposed to have her head cut off last Wednesday.

Mary Jean is one of the Red Cross Volunteers from Davao City and is part of the International Red Cross pack, her family which who reside here at Toril, Davao City were very worried about the situation she was in and indeed, prayers from all the people concerned about the Red Cross Hostages in Sulu have helped out.

While it is still uncertain if the Military forces at Sulu are retreating or not, it is great to hear that at least one of the captured volunteers has been set free. Mrs Lacaba has been sent to Manila for the mean time and has recently faced some Government Officials who had have a few questions asked about the situation at the camp and how the others might be.