Yakal ni Saral!

The War between the Seniors at the Basic Education Department at the Philippine Womens College of Davao comes to a hot ending, with a land slide, yet fairy tale victory for the very class of mine.

The first game of today’s Thursday double wooble featured 4th Year Acacia and 4th Year Molave facing each other; seeking for victory in the very last game of both of them. The tale of these two stories ends up with Molave in favor and moving up to the 3rd spot on the table.

The battle of the champions, dubbed as “Narra vs Yakal – Now or never” followed right after, yet with less audience than expected. Both the Narra based and Yakal based Squad from the Mandaya building had a clean sheet during the tournament, both able to defeat Acacia and Molave. Yet the final ’bout was about to come.

Rumors spread that student “put money” into the game, bidding as high as 100 Pesos for their favorite teams. Even the referees did, which appeared bias on our (Yakal) part. The Yakal based Squad; dubbed as “Yakal ni Saral” had a clear height advantage, but not only that contributed to their land slide victory as mentioned above. Whilst the opposing  Narra based squad; dubbed as The Narra All Stars had also some nice moves to showcase.

In spite the fact that Narra had clearly the most chances of the game, it was the accuracy and determination that settled the difference of these two competing sections. With former mates who have won in last year’s inter-section competiton; formerly dubbed as 3 Pelican, the confidence among our squad was very high, but not only the Yakal team was build upon the foundation of the latter years, as a couple of former Pelican Players have also taken the side of the Narra Squad.

But who would have thought that our adviser would anticipate this great challenge given to us? Ms. Loraine Saral was present during the whole game, from the Ms Saral, 4 Yakal Adviservery first assist, to the final whistle. Could she have brought us the luck to succeed?

Now with all the rumors aside and the game going on. There had to be only 1 winner, 1 champion, 1 team to taste the feeling of being a “champion” and this year, the Yakal based Squad dilligently cheered on by Ms Loraine Saral has defeated the opposition with a good 10 point deficit.


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