Another day has passed another tragic fact that I have to accept and digest. I know, being second placer isn’t that bad at all, especially when you are competing against four extremely competitive and skilled brains per group, with 3 groups aside mine. Yet, I wanted more, I wanted that top spot, but me alone, or should I say, partly aided by Ivan Yap were quite no match against the competition that moved past us easily.

The Visual Basic Contest started pretty well, we were ahead by more than three minutes of the other sections in the first round and left quite a big impression on the people in attendance watching us at the computer laboratory, but it was that critical second round that has left us float on water and eventually sink.

I do not know anything about this select case thingy, it has messed up our game plan and took us by surprise, my partner and I prepared for the if then or else if statements to come along yet we’ve been bashed by a pretty tough task and got zero points in the second round.

Whilst in the third round, we managed to take home the third place only, just because of a little code “sum” left out, but that’s alight, at least, the time that we’ve collected from the first part (Easy Part) was enough to spare us dropping to the third place.

I wonder if there would be a day when the students and fellow schoolmates of mine would come to recognize the mark that I have made online in the past couple of weeks, and months. But hey, looks like even that is just a dream for now, and forever.