For the first time, I’ll be discussing the Philippine Women’s College of Davao in a positive tone, and it really deserves it!

The fourth year students of the said academe gathered around the Cultural Pavilion of the PWC Davao High School, for th year level culmination in the field of Music and Theater combined, the Musical Play. Upon all seniors had “almost complete attendance” everything was set for the go, and it kicked of with two awesome presentations from other sections and was followed by yours truly, Yakal People as the third presenter, and me, being part of their crew.

I have no video nor picture at hand because I wasn’t the one who was holding the camera since I had to participate in the said play, like every senior was obliged to participate in a group because it will be graded under their project for English. Yet, the presentations went far beyond the usual saying “we do it for the sake of the grades”, but it was a morale competition between Yakal and Narra, Molave and Acacia, respectively.

The once so unordered class of the said to be last section YAKAL, performed impressively and managed to sneak their way up to the middle of the tale leaving their arch nemesis from Narra way behind the bottom, whilst the second squad of “Yakal ni Saral Students” do had their problems. Yet after all, it was a pleasant afternoon for teacher and students alike as mostly all of the participants where able to impress the teachers and respective judges with their breath taking performance.

I see improvements with the Seniors, don’cha think so too?