February is month of love. It is a time where we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and of course for all the seniors and juniors in high school out there, this month will be one of the most memorable moment because of this one magical night — The Prom.

Everyone knows that there will always be Prom King and Queen, and this makes everyone anxious about what to wear. Who doesn’t want to be crowned as one? Seeking for a Prom outfit is always brutal, especially for the girls. Visiting gown boutiques from here and there is a hassle, it stresses you out especially if you’re having a hard time picking which gown to wear.

How to Survive your Juniors Seniors Promenade

We don’t want to look trashy right? So before it stresses you out, I pulled out some of my personal survival tips on how to look good and feel good during Prom.

1. Be early. It’s better to move your ass as early as possible. What I’m talking about here is, look for a gown or a tux on boutiques while the Prom Night isn’t near yet.

2. Find an inspiration and make up your mind. Looking for Prom gowns or dresses isn’t really hard if you just picture out what do you want to look like and what kind, color and design you want. That’s it.

3. Be thrifty. Don’t spend too much just because of a gown, or a tuxedo. There’s a lot out there, even cheaper and prettier than those that are made by a high class designer. The idea is, you just have to have that touch of class in you. Not necessarily bring out a lot of money from your pocket. That’s not rad at all.

4. Dress properly. Prom Night doesn’t really require stilettos as long as you can carry yourself. Still, it’s up to you. Just don’t walk like you just had a leg surgery. It’ll be awful for sure. Fashion and function can coexist, you can even wear snickers if you want. Dare to be different.

5. Eat properly. Girls, don’t engage into too much dieting. It will just pressure you, that could often result to not eating healthy foods or worse, not eating at all. If you don’t want to be sick and look so worn out during Prom Night, make sure that you are fed and you have the energy to get through that magical night.

6. Sleep. Of course, it is very important especially if your body tells you that it is exhausted. Just get some beauty rest.

7. Finally, just enjoy it. There are plenty of things to enjoy about Prom Night. The excitement, energy, your first sweet dance can be really inspiring, so take it all in and keep it magical.

So there you go! I hope you guys could find it helpful. Enjoy your Prom!