We write the 23th of October, 2009. A day before the event that has brought us to this distant place, far away from Davao City; Cagayan de Oro City for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit which is on its third leg this year, after bypassing Davao City and General Santos City in the recent years.

We departed from Davao at around 6-7 in the morning, bloggers in attendance where Mindanao Bloggers Pioneer Blogie and fellow Davao based bloggers like yours truly, Charles Ortiz, Dulce (Negosyante) and Anya Belle. We arrived at our destination just about past the hour of 1 in the afternoon, and I’m very confident to say that most, if not all of us were pretty tired, specially Angel and Charles who have been talking the whole trip long. While attended my friends, (Anna) Clarissa, Rhea and co through text midway our trip when I had signal again.

We ate lunch at a Venue that I want to forget for some odd reasons.

I was supposed to meet up with my ex girlfriend since she offered her home for me to stay, unfortunately though her father arrived earlier this day making impossible :p

That’s why I accompanied Charles and the other bloggers to wherever they went, and eventually ended up with Charles, Blogie and Angel here at the Lamar in midst Cagayan de Oro City, instead of joining Lyle Santos and the other Davao-based bloggers at another hotel.

Dinner was served at a grill/resto title Barkadahan. It was fun, I tell you. It was the third or fourth time that I ate Halo-Halo and it’s I think the first time that I mixed it up right without spilling too much out of the cup!

When we left the said dining venue, we went off to hunt a nice Coffee shop where we could spend, and the venue we eventually found refuge at Bo’s Coffee Shop, where every blogger had his own little busy world.

Mindanao Bloggers Summit Attendees welcomed to CDO?

I wonder why we’ve been greeted so warmly through this banner but not have been given any free accommodation at this venue where I found this picture. It looks like MBS3 does has a lot of sponsors!