There’s a little problem that I am having here right now, and that is a quite financial problem, I’m on my last stretch of online resources to keep this website alive on the world wide web, and traffic is what counts that could bring me back to the top and earn money again. As you may have noticed, Pinoy Teens, as I write this post is totally advertisement free, from top to bottom and vice versa on every single post and page, thus, this means, that I am earning not a cent via this blog right now.

Yet, that’s actually not the problem right now, I would like to ask you what I should do for the WordPress related posts that I have scheduled for publishment soon, should I create a sub blog on this domain name or should I just post them away via a WordPress Category on this web blog? I am really confused what I should do right now, and I personally believe that posting it up on a sub domain is much better (as I am also planning to launch other sub domain blogs such as Videos and Photos, just like before).

What do you think? What should I do? Should I really post them all here or simply create a sub category? Your advice and comments are pretty much appreciated right now.