Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm, that is, if you’re from the select regions where Pokemon Go has already launched. European and Asian markets however, still have to await the game’s official release. Like in the Philippines, for example, Pokemon Go has made it out in the wild for merely a couple of hours and has set the Philippine market on fire, with hundreds of thousands of Pokemon enthusiasts (and bandwagoners) trying to find a way to play the game beyond catching their respective starters. The game servers closed on the eve of the day such exploit has been found, however.

Nintendo’s shares went up by over 20% just because of the game’s launch in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. One can only wonder how much more the Nintendo shares might soar once this game gets out worldwide.
Pokemon Go Philippines launching soon.

Pokemon Go Philippines launching soon.

We might soon find out how well its shares will rise within the next couple of days though because Pokemon Go is rumored to make its official launch in Europe and Asia.

Are you excited about this rumor? Stay tuned as we will cover everything Pokemon Go Philippines once its out in the wild!

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